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Nước hoa Bvlgari Extreme men Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz ( 100ml )

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Bvlgari Extreme (Bulgari) Cologne by Bvlgari, Wake up your senses with Bvlgari Extreme (Bulgari) and relish in its long-lasting creaminess all day . This tangy masterpiece opens with intense top notes of zesty grapefruit, spicy coriander and clean green tea. The calming scales of bergamot and lavender add a tone of stability and neroli and petit grain bring the tender sweetness of honey and rose. The heart of this fragrance begins to warm with the smoky, clean, piquant feel of gaiac wood and balsam fir, and the spices cardamom and pepper. Brazillian rosewood brings back the essence of roses. The base notes take you all the way into the forest with somber cedar wood, earthy oak moss and humid musk. Sandalwood and nutmeg add an oriental element to the whole accord.

This men’s fragrance was released in 1999. After a century of crafting exquisite jewelry, rivaling all of the biggest names in the industry, Bvlgari continued its success


Dành cho:
  • Nam
Dung tích:
3.4 oz



When we went to Italy years ago, we bought this Mens Cologne, ever since my husband does not use anything else. Every one of their products is great, no matter what the smell. Italian males want to smell like a male. My husband gets many questions for the last 15 years what he wears, not matter what BLV smell I buy him. In Italy, this product cost $80.00 American dollars. As a woman, I can recommend it highly.
Have used this fragrance for years. Changed for a while, but came back to it. It's classic, and because of its notes can be used for every time of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter), day, or night; and casual, or formal. You might stop noticing the smell on yourself after a few hours, but that's only because you become used to it. It will last on your clothes for days, hence on yourself as well. It is a unique fragrance in my opinion, and is bold, but very attractive. It is recomended for "Romance mood" by Bulgari themselves. I love it for many, many reasons, including the fact that not many people I know use it, or even know it exists. You can never go wrong with the classics.
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