Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13oz Baby

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Helps To Prevent Diaper Rash Hypoallergenic Formula Helps Seal Out Wetness Protects Chafed Skin

UPC: 305212335002

Case Pack Information: 24 Units (min order 1 case )


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13 oz



Dude how can you go wrong with massive amounts of jelly? Now I bought 3 of these so I will probably be jellied up to the grave. In fact, the future generations in my lineage will be able to continue to use this because who in the world buys 3 of these? This guy right here. PRO TIP: try putting a little in your hand, like lotion, and then wash your hands. If your hands are dry like mine, then I just gave you a life saving tip. Now you owe me. But that's okay, I already have enough jelly. This ish is bananas. I love it. It's not literally bananas. It's jelly. Petroleum time. I feel like I at a gas station when I open up this bad boy. Thats how big it is. Put it on everything! Enjoy!
Awesomely gigantic jar of Vaseline. We bought these in multi packs when my son was a baby. We would put some on his little behind at every diaper change to keep rash incidents down. It worked. When he would occasionally get a rash we would Desitin and it would clear up extremely quickly. This never irritated his skin. The jar opening is big so that you can easily get the Vaseline out. We would fold a tissue in half then rip it in half to use to swipe some out of the jar and then apply it to his behind. Just a little goes along way. We did this the entire time he was in regular diapers. Stopped when he went to pull-ups and potty training
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