Olay Eyes Ultimate Cream 0.4oz

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3-In-1 De-Circler, De-Wrinkler And De-Puffer, Supercharged With Peptides And Vitamins, Renews Skin'S Surface Over Time

UPC: 075609195037

Case Pack Information: 12 Units (min order 1 case )


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0.4 oz



I didn't feel this item did anything for my circles or wrinkles. In fact it seemed to brighten the area and i don't need my bags more pronounced! So i got rid of it but i will try some other Olay products for the eyes.
I read a lot of beauty magazines and there have been several samples of the Ultimate Eye Cream in them recently. To make a sample last, I poke it with a pin so I don't squish out the entire thing. Well...of course the first time I squished out too much anyway. I dabbed my crow's feet, below my eyes, and the lids, but I still had a bit so I rubbed it on these 2 little frown lines that drive me nuts. Next morning, get up to go brush my teeth, and I when I looked in the mirror those little frown lines were almost gone. I took off my glasses and looked in my magnifying mirror and the crow's feet were plumped up too. I have gotten samples of seriously high end things from beauty boxes, but I have NEVER had anything work like this. As soon as the samples ran out I was in the store with my magazine coupon buying this.
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