ANNBOS Bluetooth wifi Smart led Light Bulb

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  • Convenient to Lighting---Compatible perfect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can be voice controlled. Groups Settings also available to control two or more bulbs.
  • Make Home Lighting Colorful---Can be used as a common LED light and for special purpose with its multi-color function. More than 16 million colors are available to suit your mood anyhow.
  • Built-in Scene & Timer Option Available--- Total 8 built-in scenes is available for your to choose based on your specific needs anywhere and anytime with simply one click . You can also create customized schedules to turn the bulb with timer function.
  • Easy to Install--There are 3 steps to start your smart life. Scan the QR code to download the APP “Smart Life”, install the lamp and use the APP to control the Wi-Fi bulb(No Hue Required).
  • Energy Saving and Quality certified--Reduce power usage up to 80%. Rated life span over 25000 hours, which reduces frequency of re-lamp. No lead or mercury. No UV or IR. CE, ROHS, FCC compliant. We are so proud about our product quality so we promise 3-Years Warranty.

Better performance with less consumption

Better energy saving performance, this 10W LED is equivalent to the 100W traditional incandescent with up to 80% less energy consumption.
Estimate 25000 hours product lifespan, reduce re-lamping and maintenance frequency.

Smart RGB Colour Control to suit your mood

Use the free “Smart Life” app installed in your smart phone or tablets to change the color you want based on the RGB circle showed in the APP. And the color brightness can be changed from the dark to bright.

Reliable quality & Warranty

UL-listed for top quality and safe operation, does not contain any mercury, UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation. It will do no harm or fade to your fabrics and furnishings, suitable for use in damp locations.
We are so proud about our product quality so we promise 3-Years Warranty.


Input Voltage: AC 120v
Power: 6.5W
Lumen/Kit: 470 lm
Led Quantity: 21LED+8RGB Frequency Input Voltage: 60HZ
LED current: 140mA Led Color: RGB + White
Base size: 27mm
WiFi Mode:802.11b/g/n
Wireless Standard: WiFi 2.4G
Working Temperature: -40°F-112°F
Color temperature adjustment range: 2700+RGB
Lamp Lifetime: 25000 Hours

UL/FCC Certified





I already have few of these set up through my house, and I have to say that they're a great value. It's super easy to set up, I have the lamps in my house on a timer so they turn on and off when I wake up and leave for work. It's also easy to share control with other phones,just in case you want to give your housemates access to the switch.
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