ANNBOS Wireless wifi video motion sensor Doorbell

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About the product

  • A Wi-Fi, wireless, battery-powered, video doorbell that allows you to greet your guest from a phone
  • Receive push notifications to your phone when visitors are at your door
  • 720p HD video feed and 2-way audio communication enables you to communicate with your visitors
  • Advanced motion sensor and infrared night vision ensures you never miss activity at your doorway
  • See recent activity and watch recorded cloud videos from the ANNBOS app (Cloud is optional)
Product Description

ANNBOS is a battery powered, Wi-Fi, wireless video doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere using the ANNBOS app. The video doorbell syncs to the mobile app, and enables you to see and communicate with your visitors from your smartphone. When a visitor is at your door, ANNBOS will send you a push notification and live video feed. You can see and communicate with your visitors, watch recorded videos, be alerted when someone is at your door, and see recent activity from the ANNBOS app. Our wireless doorbell brings you the security and convenience you've been looking for. Revolutionize your doorway with ANNBOS, our camera doorbell.

The Best Video Doorbell

Enjoy all the great features of a video doorbell with ANNBOS: HD videos, easy setup, push notifications, 2-way audio, infrared night vision, advanced motion sensor, Cloud recordings, low battery reminders, recent activity log, multiple viewer access (5 per account), 120° viewing angle, multiple device access (5 per account), Wi-Fi connection, battery powered, lifetime theft guarantee, 256-bit AES, and mobile access with our free ANNBOS app. ANNBOS is water and weather-resistant. The doorbell can withstand most weather conditions (0°F to 122°F). Stay inside and keep warm, let your smart doorbell answer the door.

Easy Setup

Setup is easy with ANNBOS. Simply download the free mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions to register your wireless doorbell. Next, screw the mounting bracket to your doorway. Then, place ANNBOS into the bracket and tighten the security screw. Woo-lah! Start answering your camera doorbell from your smartphone. It’s fast, easy and anyone can do it.





Other than having to drill holes through brick-a real PIA- the installation is a snap. The video quality is excellent and it’s so easy to customize
I thought it would greatly improve the connection between my router and front door Ring doorbell. It improved it somewhat (I don't get the weak connection issues) but still didn't provide a "strong" signal.
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