ANNBOS Smart Wifi Doorbell

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Wi-Fi netvue Doorbell
With two-way audio and awesome 720p HD video, you can talk and see your visitors at any time anywhere. You don’t need to worry about the people who are not supposed to be at your door cause you will receive alert messages when the motion-detection is triggered. Netvue doorbell promises you a smart life.

Here are the steps for setting up the doorbell.
1.Connect the camera to the correct adapter (AC 8-24V and DC 9-36V)
2.It may take 20 secs or even a bit longer for the doorbell to initialize. You will hear a chime and see the bell become white after the doorbell is successful on.
3.Open the Netvue app and log in to your account.(Create an account if you don't have one)
4.After logging in, click the "+" to add a device. Choose the corresponding device from the product list.
5.Press the Reset button; then the white bell that turn to blue should start to blink.

6.Follow the instructions on App for WiFi setup. (Caution: The doorbell does not work with 5Ghz band WiFi, please make sure your mobile device is connecting to 2.4Ghz band Wifi)





I wish every outlet in my home was like this! So easy to set up and now i can turn on almost anything from my phone! Plan on getting more for the house soon!
I own 9 different smart plugs and my favorite ones use the smart life app. This one does as well. This plug is more aesthetically pleasing and smaller than previous round versions. The fact that it has a glossy finish without a border makes it look much sleeker. Within one minute I was up and running since I already have the smart life app and am familiar with the easy setup. This will be my new go to plug.
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